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Opening   Any window or door opening
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Phone Number   Enter your Day and Evening Phone Numbers.  During the hurricane seasons we have extended hours in the evenings.
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Track Color   Tracks are available in white or bronze.
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Width   Enter the width of your window or door opening.
Height   Enter the height of your window or door opening. 
+ Inches   The inches you would like to add on to the opening height.  The result will be your panels length. 
Top Track   Select the top tracks or "No Track" per opening
Bottom Track   Select the bottom tracks or "No Track" per opening.
Calculate   Select the [Calculate] button for a price quotation.
#Panels   The number on panels require to cover the opening.
Length   The length of the panels for this opening.
Cost   The Cost of the hurricane panels and tracks per  opening.
Total Opening   The total number of openings on the order.
Total Panels   The total number of panels on the order.
Total Sq.  Ft.   The total calculated square footage of panels.
Cost per sq. ft.   The cost per square foot is determined by the type of panels you selection.
Anchors 12" O.C.   The calculated number of anchors used if spaced 12" apart.  See anchor schedule on engineering plans.
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