The following instructions are for applications that allow for a H-header track(wall mount) and a studded angle track to be mounted flush with an exterior wall.  If you have projections, such as precast sills on openings that would prevent you from mounting the tracks flush with the wall, a build-out may be required.

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Concrete Block Wall Mount

  1. Drill 1/4" holes in the h-header and Studded Angle tracks not to exceed 6" on center of the h-header and Studded Angle tracks.
  2. Place the h-header track 3/4" above the top of the window and center on the window.
  3. Level the h-header track and mark one of the 1/4" holes with the pencil.
  4. Using a 3/16" masonry drill bit, drill a hole approximately 1 3/4" deep.
  5. Using the compressed air, blow out dust from hole.  Note:  If the dust is not removed prior to driving in the Tapcon, the Tapcon will not go in all the way.  As the screw is driven into the hole, the dust will be pack to the back of the hole, causing the Tapcon to stop.
  6. Using a 5/16" head nut driver (attached to a drill), drive in the 1 3/4" Tapcon.  Do not tighten the first screw all the way in.
  7. Using your level, level the h-header and drill the second hole.  Repeat step 5 (preparing hole) and securely drive the Tapcon into the wall..  Be careful not to strip out the Tapcon or tear off the head.
  8. Drill out the remaining holes and secure with Tapcon screws.  For long tracks, continually check to make sure the h-header remains level.
  9. Once the h-header is secure, place your level vertically on the left or right hand side of the h-header track.  Mark a small vertical line (1/4") below the bottom of the window.  Using this mark will enable you to center the Studded Angle track.  An alternative method would be to center the Studded Angle track under the window.
  10. Using the hurricane panel for the appropriate window, insert the panel into the h-header and push the panel all the way into the top.  Take you studded Angle track and place it underneath the inserted panel.  Make sure the hurricane panel is tightly in place and the Studded Angle track is lined up with the mark in step 9.  Level the track and mark one of the 1/4" holes with a pencil..
  11. Remove hurricane panel and Studded Angle.  Using the 3/16" masonry bit, drill a hole 1/4" below the mark. 
  12. Insert the Tapcon through the 1/4" hole in the Studded Angle and fasten the track to the wall.  Level the Studded Angle and drill out the remaining holes and screw in the Tapcons (Step 5)
  13. Insert hurricane panel to check the fits. The panels should fit tightly into the tracks with only a 1/4" play at the top..


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