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  Since 1999, Hurricane Depot has provided its customers with the ability to generate their own online quotation.  Since most of our customers will be doing the installation themselves, measuring the windows should not be a problem.  The main challenge for hurricane shutter customers is trying to purchase top quality hurricane shutter panels, tracks and hardware without the pressure of a salesperson coming out to your house.  In addition, most hurricane shutter companies will not sell you materials unless they do the installation.  Since most people purchase hurricane shutters between May and October, the prices are higher due to the demand for hurricane shutters verses the price of hurricane shutter materials.  During a busy hurricane season, you may have to wait 4 to 12 weeks to have the hurricane shutters professionally installed. Prices for materials will always be greater the year after an active hurricane season or if commodity prices of aluminum or steel increases.  Hurricane panels with or without tracks are very easy to install.  

Use any of the order forms below for easy online quotation.  Order Form will not be processed

  Stock Sizes Use this form when ordering from our selection of 14 Hurricane Depot in stock panels sizes.  
  Custom Sizes Use this form when you know how many panels you need per opening and sizes need to be custom.  
  Opening Dimensions Use this form if you know only the opening dimensions.  You will also need to enter the amount of inches you want to be added to the height of the opening.  
  Not everyone wants to do-it-themselves or has someone who can help them with the installation.  If you need the full service we recommend getting several quotations from shutter companies in your area.  There are a lot of professional shutter companies that provide great products and do excellent installation.  Get reference of any current jobs they are working on  and check if they are licensed and insured.  If the deal is too good to be true, buyer beware.  You will get the best deal on hurricane shutters between January and May which is considered the off season..  
  The price of the hurricane panels are determine by square footage times the price per square foot.  If you need to order 4 panels by 60", this would be 20 square feet by the price per square footage.  We never round up or charge you more than you need.  If you are purchasing our standard size panels we will cut them to size at no extra charge.  
  The track price is determined by the linear feet of track.  The length of the track for each opening is determined by the number of panels to be used by the track.  Our panels are 12" on center.  This is the distance from the first hole on the panel to the last hole.  A center hole is exacting 6" from the first and 6" from the last.  That is why it is called the center hole.  An extra 1.5" is then added to the starter and ending anchor mount on the track.  For example, a foot panels track would be cut to 51" (4 panels x 12" = 48" + the extra 3").  The price of the 4 panel track would be 4.25" x the cost of the track.  



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